In a small family business, or a start up, the relationship between the owners of a company can often determine the success, or the failure, of a business. There can be many issues that arise that create confusion and stress, for both the partners in the business, as well as the other family members that surround it. Our therapists work both in the family context and the business context, helping to create healthy and productive boundaries, while preserving and celebrating the strengths that can come from being a part of a close personal and business relationship. We work with business owners and often family members involved to help create the best environment for success, both for the relationship and the business itself.

While we tailor all our work with businesses to the specific needs identified by the family or partners seeking services, we commonly address issues surrounding:

  • Expansion Issues

  • Boundaries

  • Succession of the founding family members (in a family business setting)
  • Distribution of both power and responsibility between partners

  • Financial Issues - Both around wealth, distributions, and creating budgets within the business plan

  • External members to the family system and their influence on both professional and personal issues