Mental Health Awareness Month

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month.  Each of our therapists shared their favorite mental health tips.  Read below to see what we had to say!


“Unplug- Literally! Our constantly connected society pressures us to constantly be near an electronic device, which can cause us to always feel a little on edge and distracted from what is in front of us. Schedule in a time each day to be technology free- turn off your phone, TV, and other devices and do an activity you can be fully present in. Read a book, listen to music, socialize with friends, or explore the great outdoors! You’ll be surprised how relaxed and refreshed you feel.”


"If you've been feeling down recently or stuck in a rut, consider getting out there and trying something new! Novel ideas and experiences are well-known to jump start certain systems in the brain that lead to increased motivation and feelings of satisfaction and happiness, not to mention that they can loosen up old, negative ways of thinking and behaving that are keeping you down. If you want to feel different, do something different!"


"Focus on your nutrition!  Nutritional deficiencies, unstable blood sugar levels, dehydration, excess caffeine, and excess alcohol consumption have all been linked to anxiety and depression.  Healthy eating leads to a healthy body and mind!"


“In a world where we are often over-scheduled and have endless to-do lists, it can be tough to take time for ourselves. Devoting quality time to reconnecting with friends, loved ones, and ourselves, though, can help us feel more grounded and balanced. Carve out time in your schedule for things you enjoy, like cooking, catching up on that favorite television show, yoga, or going out to lunch with a friend. Doing so provides an opportunity to re-center yourself, decreasing anxiety, while promoting better work performance, sleep habits, and sense of self” 


“Let’s talk about sex!  Brainstorm over an intimate light dinner what you would like from your partner, and what your partner would like from you.  This will be your pre-game for a night of fireworks!