4 Tips For Achieving A Better Work/Life Balance

By Megan Hawksworth, LMFT

With all of the different responsibilities and commitments we each have every day at work, it can be hard to maintain good boundaries between our job and our personal life. If this sounds familiar to you, check out the tips below for some pointers on how to achieve a better work/life balance.

Set time limits for how long you can work each day - and stick to them!

Decide ahead of time how many hours you will work each day then hold yourself accountable to that boundary, even if you didn’t finish everything you wanted to do that day (it will still be there for you in the morning, after all).

Stay focused on the task at hand.

When you’re at work, try to focus as exclusively on work as you can so that when you’re done for the day, you can give yourself permission to clear it from your mind. The more productive and present you are when on the clock, the better you will feel about allowing yourself to step away from it later on to relax and recharge.

Don't catastrophize!

If you find yourself frequently worrying about work after hours or struggling to close up shop at the time you wanted to because of anxiety about everything that needs to get done, stop for a moment and ask yourself what you’re really afraid of. Chances are, the fear that’s fueling your stress and anxiety is catastrophic and unlikely to come true. Our minds often jump to the worst-case scenario in order to motivate us, but we need to remind ourselves that nothing horrible will happen if we step away at the end of the day with a few tasks left undone.

Remind yourself of what's important.

In this day and age, our culture places significant emphasis on professional achievement as the foundation for success and self-worth, so it is no wonder that we are driven to push ourselves beyond healthy limits in order to obtain it. In reality, however, research shows that the quality of our relationships contributes far more to our overall life satisfaction than how much we accomplish at work. Try to remember this finding the next time you’re considering missing date night with your partner or skipping your daughter’s soccer game to stay a little later at the office.