Staff Therapist Q&A: Jeffrey Kraft, AMFT

Pinnacle Counseling enjoys providing our different therapists with the opportunity to introduce themselves, highlighting their unique clinical and personal interests.

What can clients expect in the first few sessions working with you?

In the first few sessions working with me, you can expect a clear assessment of the constraints that hold you or your relationship back from arriving at a viable solution. I like to focus on more behavioral and practical solutions first and move to more complex solutions as deemed necessary by our work. You can expect an inviting environment that is challenging and informative for your presenting issues, as well as a clear and open path forward in the treatment process.

How would you describe your therapeutic approach/ style?

I pride myself on being an open and straightforward therapist in session. You can expect a systematic, supportive approach that invites you to identify cognitions, beliefs and behaviors that are holding you or you and your partner back from solving these issues on your own. I take the assumption that all clients approach their own lives rationally given the information they have. My hope is to directly challenge the ideas of my clients, open their approaches which ultimately produce more viable, satisfactory and long lasting solutions to their problems.

What do you believe are some of the key factors leading to positive change?

I would say the most important factor that leads to change is curiosity. One must be curious in order to challenge their belief system and assumptions about how to approach a given issue in their lives and relationships. Curiosity allows a person to challenge their own thinking and seek out different and more meaningful experiences with others and the world around them. That is what change is all about in my mind.

What do you enjoy most about being a therapist?

What I get most excited about being a therapist has to be the progressive changes of my clients and seeing them view their lives in a more meaningful context. When they have the opportunity to look back at where they were when they first came in and watching the moment to moment changes occur is a powerful and meaningful experience. I feel honored to be able to witness this and celebrate with my client’s successes and support my client's tribulations.

Jeffrey sees clients in both the Andersonville and Loop offices. For more information or to set up an appointment, contact him today!

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