Staff Therapist Q&A: Claudia Minner, LMFT

Pinnacle Counseling enjoys providing our different therapists with the opportunity to introduce themselves, highlighting their unique clinical and personal interests.

What led you to become an MFT?

I believe that everyone has strengths that they don't always know how to access, and I like helping people uncover those to solve the problems in their lives. I chose to become an MFT because I wanted to work to understand problems in richer, more systemic contexts, and work to understand the constraints that keep those from being solved. By approaching problems this way, MFTs collaborate to implement long-lasting solutions in the clients' lives, which was the biggest draw for me.

What can clients expect in the first few sessions working with you?

I work to create an environment based on warmth, strength, and personal growth. I like to take the first few sessions to get to know you as a person and understand what brings you into counseling. I work to collaborate on larger goal setting and setting smaller goals each session that lead to the end goal while acting as a non-judgmental sounding board. 

What do you like to do for fun and/or relaxation outside of work?

When I'm not spending time with my family, playing with my dog, or sneaking in my favorite TV shows, I am passionate about cooking. Nothing is more fun to me than throwing a meal together to savor afterwards. Disclaimer: I'm more of a recipe follower than creator, though I want to work on it!

What advice do you have for clients who may be nervous or apprehensive to begin


What a totally normal feeling to have! My advice would be to get a feel for the relationship with your therapist and try not to place too high expectations on yourself for first session. While it is good to have a goal in mind, this can be an intimate process that takes some relationship building. I would recommend allowing at least three sessions before deciding if you are becoming more comfortable with a given therapist, which will help you open up more. Our first priority is your comfort and safety in the room, and it's okay to work up to that. 

Claudia sees clients in both the Andersonville and Loop offices. For more information or to set up an appointment, contact today!