Why Pinnacle? 

Most of our clients who start working with us don’t know what kind of therapy approach will work best for them. They just know that something needs to change in their life, and they’re hoping that therapy can help make that happen. Our job is to figure out how to utilize different therapeutic models to customize treatment plans in the most effective way possible. 

But while the plans vary by client, our philosophy about our role in our clients' therapy remains consistent. It's not about what we want for them, it's about what they want for themselves or their relationship. And by taking a direct and active approach in all of their therapy sessions, we help them get there. 

Change isn’t easy, and it’s not immediate. It requires a holistic perspective and willingness to identify systemic problems that have gone unresolved for long periods of time. But by keeping our clients accountable for the choices they make, we strive to create meaningful, lasting change in their lives.